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Express your Individual Style with Boho Home Decor

Boho decor is a perfect style for people who want their home to have a carefree, relaxed, eclectic vibe. Aesthetically, Boho-style spaces are full of life and interesting items. When it comes to home interiors decorated using Bohemian sensibilities, no two rooms will be totally alike. But each room's wide ranging feel, full of warmth and texture, combine to give a Boho home a sense of flow and continuity. And most importantly a cozy, stunning place for you and your family! 

Boho decor is inspiring and unconventional because it reflects life; combining decorative items, mixing colors and patterns, and bringing the look and feel from different global locales into your space. In the end, the greatest thing about Boho style is that it can truly be your own - different from your neighbors' and friends' homes; uniquely yours. 

Bohemian Colors

There really aren't any set rules when it come to Boho interior colors. Earthy colors that bring about a warm feeling are common, along with a hint of mod-glam jewel tones. Consider deep greens, browns and greys for base. From there, compliment with extravagant purples, blazing oranges, and breathtaking blues. They key is to layer and combine colors - it's part of what makes the style distinct. 

boho style decor

Be liberal with mixing textures and patterns, and get comfortable utilizing styles that don't conventionally seem to work together. Dyed textiles from around the world, like these Ethiopian hand-woven towels below available at Prescott Sq, give your space a sense of exotic and worldly fun. 

Saturated color is a key to Bohemian style, so layer colorful throws on furniture, and be experimental with your wall art - try tapestries and bold wall hangings. Remember, white can also have a place, especially as a backdrop or a break from the richer tones. It can be used to strategically create visual space and contrast.

Boho interiors are almost the opposite of minimalist, modern spaces that are still quite popular today. The mixing and matching of materials like sisal and chenille, for instance, give a more-is-more vibe to the room. Embellishments like fringe, macramé, pillows, curtains and rugs work together to invent a cozy, eclectic, inspirational space to live your best life. 

Bohemian Furniture

Plush chairs, comfy couches, overstuffed pillows and rugs create a Boho vibe that you and your guests feel right away. There's a welcoming atmosphere that just says, "stay awhile". Relaxed pieces like daybeds, butterfly chairs, plush benches and lounges are a good choice to create your ambience. But there's no set rule against throwing in some more modern lines when appropriate. 

 Boho rooms and the furniture within have a timeworn look, a found object feel, as if each piece was a prized find at an estate sale or vintage store. 

Lighting and Accessories

To complete the welcoming, easygoing look and feel, use ambient lighting that's low-key. Instead of traditional lighting fixtures, many Boho designers choose multiple lanterns, floor and table lamps, and vintage-style chandeliers. You can find a variety of shapes and styles that create a globally diverse, mix and match design.  

A full embrace of the natural world around us is integral to Boho style. Ferns, hanging plants, and indoor trees lend ebullience and nature to the space. Not only that, but they improve air quality significantly! Succulents, philodendrons and other hearty plants come in a wide variety of shapes, textures and colors. If you don't have a green thumb, pick plants that need little more than a bit of sun and water. 

Boho Decor Accessories

To pull each room together use family heirlooms, handmade objects, and even items from your worldly travels. These accessories tell a story about you, so be sure to use items you really love. 

Lastly, while Boho style is quite eclectic and cozy, don't be afraid to mix in chic and glam decor like an ornate crystal chandelier or a gold framed mirror. Glamor and Bohemian can and often do go together quite nicely. Every piece in the room should tell a story about you. That way, the space is uniquely yours. 

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